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New Subject Areas Added to BC Winery Compliance Subscription

We are pleased to announce that our InterProvincial Winery Compliance subscription (available through our sister web site, Alca Intelligence) has been expanded and now includes additional subject areas in addition to InterProvincial Shipping Compliance. As a result, we have renamed the subscription as the \”BC Winery Compliance Subscription\”. 

The subscription now provides access to information in multiple categories. More are planned in due course. The subject areas now include: 

InterProvincial Shipping Compliance (3 separate articles – this is the original subject area)

Agricultural Land Commission Compliance (1 article – including an explanation of the problematic new 5% development rule)

BC Winery Compliance (3 articles – including explanations of the rules related to contract manufacturing and the differences between commercial and land-based wineries)

As before, the subscription is an annual service which provides immediate access to all information on the web site plus 12 months of email notifications related to any significant changes in the covered subject areas. Sign up for the BC Winery Compliance Subscription here.

Finally, additional information related to COVID19 is also available on the Alca web site (free access for these resources).


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