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Ontario Premier\’s Anti-Consumer Wine Stance

Ontario\’s lack of support for interprovincial wine shipping has hit the news recently due to Premier Kathleen Wynne\’s apparent adoption of an LCBO scripted anti-consumer position regarding interprovincial wine shipping. I have posted an analysis here on my companion site, In addition, the Premier\’s stance has been roundly criticized by multiple news media reports including the following: Provinces Stomp on Consumers Ability to Buy Canadian Wine (Vancouver Sun op/ed); Ontario Won\’t Loosen Up Wine Importing Laws (Globe and Mail); Inaction on Ontario Wine (Toronto Sun); Who Wants to Limit Your Choice of Wine (National Post) and Open Borders for Wine Urged (Winnipeg Free Press). Hopefully, Premier Wynne will take note of the waves of protest and adopt a pro-consumer position sooner rather than later. After all, Ontario wine consumers are also voters … and it looks like the next election in Ontario will be a close one.