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Federal Interprovincial Shipping Restriction Eliminated After 91 Years

On Friday, June 21st, Bill C-97 (the 2019 Budget Implementation Act) was given Royal Assent, which means that the Bill became law in Canada. One of the sections of this Bill amended the Importation of Intoxicating Liquors Act so as to completely remove the federal restriction on the interprovincial shipment and transport of alcohol which has been in place since 1928. As a result of these changes, there is no longer any federal prohibition on the movement of alcohol between provinces. Customers of wineries (or of other alcohol shippers) may still be subject to any relevant provincial laws on the possession of alcohol that has been imported from another province but the federal law is no longer. This is a very positive step in the long fight to reform Canada\’s post-prohibition shipping restrictions. More analysis in the days and weeks ahead.