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A few interesting news items for today …

Economic Impact Study. A number of industry groups, including the Canadian Vintners Association and the BC Wine Institute, have released a study on the economic impact of the Canadian wine industry which includes some very interesting and salient economic statistics relevant to the economic benefits of the wine industry nationally and here in B.C. See the press release and download the full report here

LCBO Shut Down on Privacy Issue. The LCBO has been forced to change its \”personal information\” collection policies by an Ontario privacy ruling which determined that the LCBO was not entitled to collect personal information on orders processed by a wine club. See the LCBO Loses Privacy Decision. In response, and in what seems to be a rather outrageous reaction, CBC is reporting that the LCBO has now shut down wine club orders!

WA State Bill Aims to Permit Educational Tastings for 18-21 Year Old Students. Washington state\’s progressive approach to alcohol regulation is apparent in respect of a state bill that aims to permit underage (18 to 21 year old) students to taste wine as part of legitimate wine education courses. Contrast this to the arcane approach to wine education and culture in B.C. where current licensing policies do not even permit adults to taste wine at educational wine tastings unless the event is held in a licensed venue or is hosted by a charity.

Quebec Introduces Bill C-311 Amendments – Intent Unclear. The Quebec government has introduced legislative amendments (PDF) that are intended to deal with the issue of interprovincial wine shipments. However, it is unclear at the present time whether the intention is to allow interprovincial wine shipments or to restrict them. More information as it becomes available.

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