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New Public Health Orders Require Proof of Vaccination

BC\’s Provincial Health Officer has posted two new Public Health Orders which now require (as of September 13th) most wineries and liquor manufacturers to verify a customer\’s vaccination status before serving them: Food & Liquor Serving Premises Order and Gatherings and Events Order. I note that the orders make a distinction between manufacturer facilities that have seating (such as a tasting lounge) and those that do not (e.g. customers standing at a tasting bar for samples). The former are treated the same as restaurants and bars (and thus, proof of vaccination is required). The latter are treated like retail stores and are exempted from the order by the wording in paragraph M. I note that the requirement to provide proof of vaccination is necessary for the customer to be served … so it should be sufficient to ask for that proof once a customer is seated (i.e. not at the door) which may make logistics easier. More details on the vaccine card requirements are here: BC Vaccine Card

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