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Australia-Canada Wine Trade Dispute \”Mutually Resolved\”

The WTO has announced last week that a \”mutually agreed solution\” has been found for the Australia-Canada wine trade dispute which involved challenges to various measures related to the sale of wine in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia. As such, this long-running trade dispute has come to an end. The formal announcement is here: Report of the Panel.  The final \”report\” does not provide much information on the settlement of the dispute although aspects of this were discussed in my earlier post here: Federal Excise Tax Exemption & Certain Provincial Preferences for Canadian Wine To Be Eliminated. In addition, the EU has posted a lengthy submission that relates to this dispute and which sheds light on many of the issues and positions of the parties which is discussed further here: Uncorking Canada\’s Import Measures on Wine. As discussed in this article, it is possible that these long-standing issues may well reappear in future trade complaints involving Canada.

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