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BC\’s New Liquor Laws Now Effective

Businesses involved in the wine industry in British Columbia should take note that BC\’s new Liquor Control & Licensing Act and associated Regulation became effective on January 23, 2017. Links to the new statute and regulation are contained on this page of the LCLB\’s new web site: Legislation and Regulation. To support the new Act & Regs, the LCLB has also released new Terms & Conditions Guides for licensees. The new guide for wineries is here: Manufacturer\’s TAC Guide. There are also new guides for other categories of licensee here: TAC Guides

These new laws will be the subject of sessions at the upcoming BC Wine & Liquor Law Conference, to be held in Vancouver on February 14th. Wine industry attendees can obtain a reduced registration fee by changing the rate on the registration page to \”wine industry rate\”. 

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