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BC Announces Supermarket Wine & Liquor Sales Rules

The BC Government has announced its initial rules regarding the sale of wine and liquor in supermarkets in this policy directive, Phased-In Implementation of Liquor in Grocery Stores, and this press release, Lottery Announced for Liquor Store Relocation. The rules and process are fairly complicated … and the ability of a supermarket to sell various types of liquor or wine, and the way that they sell them, will depend upon the license type that they are able to obtain via relocation. A lottery process is being established for relocation applications since the relocation of LRS and GLS stores will be subject to the 1 km rule (newly extended to GLS stores). The relocation of VQA or IWS stores will not be subject to the 1 km rule and do not need to be part of the lottery. The current documents do not refer to the issuance of new licenses for supermarket sales which has been referred to previously by government. 

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