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BC Wine Institute Announces Governance Review

The BC Wine Institute has announced a wide ranging governance review of its operations and structure that will be carried out by an independent third party. The press release is here: BCWI Announces Governance Review. According to the announcement, major changes within the BC wine industry along with the BC government liquor policy review prompted the BCWI to launch its own review. The review will deal with \”focus on all areas of the organization, including, but not limited to: internal governance; board structure; member winery representation; and membership communications strategy\”.

The BCWI has 138 member wineries comprising the vast bulk of production in BC (there are 235 total in BC). BCWI member wineries include both large manufacturers that produce blended wine as well as small and medium sized wineries that produce only 100% BC product. Recently, the BCWI has had to deal with issues such as inter-provincial shipping and the reforms proposed by the government\’s liquor policy review.

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