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PEI Frees Grapes – Opens to DTC Wine Shipments

Prince Edward Island has acted to free the grapes (at least partly) by quietly amending its Liquor Control Act (s.33) to allow PEI residents to possess up up to 9 litres of wine per person that has been imported from other provinces. PEI\’s liquor board (PEILCC) says that this only applies to \”in person\” transport of wine, not direct shipment. PEILCC and I disagree on this point because the law uses the word \”import\” and, in my view, the use of the word \”import\” can only be reasonably interpreted to include both \”in person\” transport and direct to consumer shipments. The language used applies to all wine, not just domestic … and there is no restriction to winery purchases so retail purchases would also be okay. On the down side, the section is poorly worded because it creates a cumulative personal exemption … PEI residents are only allowed to possess up to 9 litres of wine that has been imported at any given time (in other words, if you already have 1 case, you will have to drink it before you can order another one) … a restriction which is both impractical and unenforceable. 

For a complete review of provincial law on wine shipment within Canada, see this page: Shipping Laws on Wine within Canada.

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