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Liquor Privatization Initiative Passes Easily in WA State

The voters of Washington state approved Initiative 1183 yesterday by a wide margin. I-1183 will further privatize Washington\’s liquor distribution system and was backed primarily by Costco. The major changes will be that: a) the state\’s existing government liquor stores (which had a monopoly on the sale of spirits) will be closed or sold, b) the state\’s distribution warehouse will be closed, c) the state will license larger retailers to sell spirits (the sale of beer and wine is already mostly privatized in WA), d) state and local government revenue from liquor will rise due to the imposition of liquor taxes, e) the 3 tier system will be modified for wine and spirits such that retailers can buy direct from suppliers, and f) retail prices will likely decline for some products. The full stories are here: Voters Kick State Out of Liquor Business and Initiative 1183 – Thar She Blows, Captain Sinegal. This analysis also explains things in more detail: Citizens Guide to Initiative 1183.

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