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Time for Major Reform

Yesterday\’s news that the 2013 Wine Bloggers\’ Conference will be held in Penticton highlights the urgent need for the government to reform BC\’s arcane and outdated wine regulatory system. Under the current system, there will be major hurdles to holding the conference in Penticton, as well as major hassles for any of the participants who want to bring wine to the conference or hold tasting events at the conference. I hope that this will be the catalyst for a full scale review of the current system which will result in changes to bring our province into the modern era. A couple of recent blog posts also highlight the need for change: Jake Skakun\’s investigation (\”Planning the Implausible\”) of the difficulties in opening a retail wine store in Vancouver would be funny if it weren\’t so sad (and true) and John Clerides call (\”Let\’s Fix Our Dysfunctional System\”) for a wine visionary to lead us out of the dark ages is prescient.

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