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LDB Credit Card: Sole Payment Option for Licensees?

The BC Liquor Distribution Branch (BCLDB) has circulated an advisory letter to a number of licensee groups indicating that it is considering forcing all licensees (private stores, restaurants, bars, etc …) to use an LDB-branded credit card for all credit purchases at the wholesale level. At the present time, licensees can use any credit card that they wish. This choice enables the licensees to use loyalty cards (such as Aeroplan cards) and accumulate large numbers of points which they can then use for business purposes such as travel or employee bonuses. The BCLDB plan would prevent licensees from doing this and would cause a considerable loss in benefits for the licensees. who are the BCLDB\’s best customers. Many licensees have contacted me on this issue and are extremely upset. The BCLDB\’s stated motivation for the change is to reduce its costs \”associated with wholesale credit card purchases\” … in other words, to make more money. In this respect, it is likely not a coincidence that the BCLDB just missed its revenue targets again and reduced its revenue targets for future years.

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