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BC Liquor Policy Review: Some Great Submissions

The BC Government\’s Liquor Policy Review is nearing the end of its initial consultation stage (only 3 weeks left), following which the Parliamentary Secretary responsible, John Yap, will prepare a report to the responsible Minister (Suzanne Anton) with recommendations for change. Thus far, the review panel has met with many stakeholder groups (see stakeholder meeting list here), received many submissions (see submissions list here) and received a huge amount of public input and comment via blog post, email and social media. Anyone intending to provide additional input should do so right away!

As would be expected in any review process such as this, the review panel has received a wide range of submissions covering off many different viewpoints and dealing with many different issues. The full list of submissions can be reviewed using the link above. However, I would like to highlight a few submissions which I think are particularly useful: Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association (this well researched submission deals with reform of BC\’s wholesale pricing structure and with important distribution issues), BC Restaurant and Foodservices Association (deals with many licensing issues), Herb LeRoy Honourary Wine Envoy (deals with many issues of wineries), Liquor Policy Consultants – Dennis Coates and Bert Hick (deals with many issues from the perspective of two very knowledgeable consultants), and Victoria Police Department (deals with the problematic special occasion licensing system).

Finally, I must also recommend the submissions of Modernize Wine Association of BC (of which I am President) which deal with a wide range of issues including some of those covered by other groups above. If you would like a short summary of the Modernize Wine position, you can also read this op-ed piece from the Vancouver Sun written by John Skinner of Painted Rock Winery and myself: 5 Ways to Reform BC\’s Antiquated Liquor Laws

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