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BC Charity Wine Auction Saga Continues

The BC Government introduced the Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act (see Part 3) today which purports to address the issue of charity wine auctions (previously covered here). While the government is to be commended for introducing legislative changes quickly, it is not clear whether the proposed changes resolve the problems that were previously encountered. The changes create a permit system for charity wine auctions (which was not previously required, and may in fact be a step backward). They do not appear to allow the auction of privately donated wine which is the critical problem and issue for most charities. They also appear to leave non-profit organizations out unless they also have a charitable purpose. I\’ll provide further details as they emerge. The Bill has been introduced only on first reading (which means that it may not pass at all given the short legislative session and could be amended). Update: The LCLB has confirmed to me that the intention is that private wine donations will be permitted for auctions. I have asked for clarification on how this will be implemented and will post as additional information becomes available.

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