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Nova Scotia Introduces Free My Grapes Bill

The Nova Scotia government has followed British Columbia\’s lead by introducing provincial legislative amendments which will permit direct to consumer wine shipping into that province. The government press release is here: New Amendments Benefit Wine Industry, Consumers. The changes are stated to be similar to British Columbia\’s in that they only apply to 100% Canadian wine. The press release states that only Manitoba and B.C. already permit direct to consumer shipping. That is a contentious statement: see the FreeMyGrapes site for other views and my earlier post which concludes that BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario (and now Nova Scotia) are open. The link to Nova Scotia\’s bill is here but note that the details of it will be contained in regulations which have yet to be issued. In addition, I note that Saskatchewan recently made some amendments to its liquor laws which expressly exclude direct to consumer shipping (see s.59 of Alcohol Control Regulation).

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