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Time for Liquor Policy Review in BC?

Three recent articles in the main stream media make it clear that the BC government may want to consider a wide ranging liquor policy review sooner rather than later. This Globe and Mail article, Vintners Raise Their Glasses to Dix\’s Push to Relax Liquor Laws, raises questions as to why the provincial government has not come out more strongly in favour of Bill C-311 when it is abundantly clear that the public wants this reform. In addition, this article from Whistler, Pride Week Organizers Soul-Searching at 20 Year Mark, asks why the provincial government is continuing with its outdated liquor licensing policies when those policies are actively shutting down economic activity in the tourism and hospitality sectors. Finally, Tim Pawsey reviews the continuing absurdity with our wholesale liquor distribution system in this article for the Courier: Overhauling Antiquated Liquor Laws Anything But Fluid. As I have said previously, I am hopeful that 2012 will finally be the year when BC decides to take a new more sensible approach to liquor policy and regulation.

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