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BC Asks All Provinces to Look At InterProvincial Wine Shipping Issue

In a press release issued today, BC\’s Agriculture Minister, Don McRae, states that BC is pushing for the removal of interprovincial trade barriers affecting wine shipment between provinces. He also indicated that he asked all of the ministers to review their policies that relate to the interprovincial shipping of wine. Here\’s a quote from the press release:

Developing domestic markets and responding to consumer demands are also critical to the future success of the sector and the economy. That is why B.C. continues to push at the national level for further reductions in inter-provincial trade barriers to encourage the development of our agriculture and agri-food industries. Subsequently, I asked all ministers to review their positions on the inter-provincial trade of wine.

The full press release is here. Hopefully, there will be some movement by the provinces on this issue which will help Ron Cannan\’s efforts to reform the federal law which currently prevents wineries from shipping direct to consumers in another province: Ron Cannan\’s Motion 218.

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