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Politics & Wine in BC and WA

Developments in the worlds of politics and wine both south of the border and here in BC …

WA Privatization Initiative Defeated. Washington state voters defeated an initiative in the state that would have deregulated their liquor industry probably more so than in any other state (52% to 48%). The Costco-backed initiative 1100 would have closed state liquor stores (which still have a monopoly on the sale of spirits) and would have eliminated the requirement to source all liquor products through wholesalers and distributors (the middle tier of the 3 tier system). Various other restrictive laws and regulations would also have been removed. Washington state wineries were generally opposed to the initiative primarily because it would have removed the \”immediate payment\” requirement currently in place for liquor sales and because of fears regarding changes to distribution practices that protect smaller wineries.

BC Premier Resigns. Here in BC, Gordon Campbell announced that he would step down as Premier as soon as the Liberals choose a successor. Campbell\’s resignation was a direct result of the controversy surrounding the introduction of the HST. The BC Liberals will now be largely consumed with a leadership race. Perhaps our next Premier will be a wine lover?  Maybe then we will get some relief from our archaic distribution system and its related liquor laws?

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