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Washington State Privatization Initiative Certified

The Costco led initiative in Washington state to privatize the remaining elements of Washington\’s liquor distribution system has been certified and will appear on voters\’ ballots in the fall. If the measure passes, Washington\’s remaining state liquor stores (which have a monopoly on spirit sales) would be privatized. The distribution system would also be deregulated and price controls repealed. As will be apparent (and despite the \’success\’ of the anti-HST campaign), the process for getting a voter initiative such as this on to the ballot is much easier in WA than here in BC. Still, progress and reform south of the border may have some influence on legislative policy here in BC. Is it too much to hope that our archaic distribution system and irrational wine tax structure will soon be changed? If you need reassurance that the time for change is overdue, read Jake Skakun\’s recent blog post: \”A Layman\’s Attempt to Understand What It Means to be a Licensee\” where he shares his frustration at our outdated system.

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