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Vancouver Province: No Benefits for Liquor Tax Increase

Vancouver Province provincial affairs columnist, Michael Smyth, wrote a good column in this past Sunday\’s paper entitled \”Expensive Booze Only Benefits the Tax Man\”. I spoke to Michael on this issue before he wrote the column and he quoted me. Michael hits the nail on the head in this column … it is very unlikely that BC would see any benefits from raising the taxes on liquor in this province which are already at absurdly high levels by international standards. It is simply not acceptable for government to penalize a responsible wine drinker with tax levels of 130+ percent. Drinking wine in moderate amounts is actually good for you. We do not impose these levels of tax on other activities which are fine if done normally but which can be harmful if they are abused (e.g. eating junk food, driving a car). Why is it ok for wine drinkers?

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