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Time for Government to Exit the Retail Wine Business

I wrote an op-ed piece for today\’s Vancouver Sun in which I argue that it\’s time for the BC government to get out of the retail side of the liquor and wine business. I have really only glossed over the myriad of problems in this piece but suffice to say, I think that British Columbia is long overdue for sweeping reform of both its retail liquor and wine distribution system and the related regulatory framework. Simply put: our government could make more money, grow the industry and have more effective liquor policy if it adopts broad changes. It\’s time to bring B.C.\’s liquor laws and retail system into the 21st century – and it\’s a perfect Olympic legacy project.

By the way and not surprisingly, the BCGEU\’s president, Darryl Walker, disagrees with me on these issues (which is fine). However, in a response on his web site, he labels me \”a lobbyist\”. Just FYI … I am not a lobbyist and have not been paid by anybody to advance my opinions. My opinions on reform of BC wine laws are solely motivated by the fact that I am passionate about wine and care about the wine industry.

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