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Published: 10 September 2012 10 September 2012

Bill C-311 ushered in a new era of Canadian wine shipping law on June 28th, just over 2 months ago. I have just updated my earlier article "Shipping Laws on Wine Within Canada" to provide a summary of developments to date and to include a chart showing my interpretation of the state of DTC wine shipping throughout the country (there are differing interpretations on this to which I have provided links in the article). Here's the short summary of some remarkable progress in a short period of time:

As a result of the above, and if you accept my interpretations, then 5 out of 10 provinces with 69% of the Canadian population will be open for DTC winery shipments ... tremendous progress. However, the industry is waiting with trepidation to see what the Ontario government will do. If it follows the spirit of Bill C-311 and either does nothing or introduces supportive provincial laws, then the 69% number will stay intact and hopefully grow. However, without populous Ontario, that number drops to 30%. Of course, related enforcement and jurisdictional problems remain ... which means that some wineries have decided to ship regardless of the above. Regardless, an open Canadian wine marketplace will continue to provide great benefits for food and wine culture across the country: cheers to the DTC revolution in Canada!