The regulatory regime behind wine pricing in British Columbia is horrendously complicated. Even wine agents and distributors have a difficult time coping with the array of markups, fees and taxes which are applied to wine and liquor in BC. In order to try and provide some guidance for those connected to the industry, I have created some online calculators which can calculate the various relevant amounts. There are two estimators:

Wholesale Markup Estimator - Enter a wholesale price for a wine and this will estimate the BC Liquor store retail price and restaurant price. This is intended for wineries or agents who know the wholesale price of the wine.

Retail Price Component Estimator - Enter the BC Liquor store retail price and it will calculate the various taxes, government fees, LDB markup and wholesale price for that bottle. 

The estimators use the actual taxes and LDB markups that are applied to wine in British Columbia. However, they make certain assumptions such as country of origin and alcohol rate that can affect the eventual result slightly. As a result, they are only estimates - let me know if you have any comments or can suggest improvements. 

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