BC Liquor Policy Report Released

The BC Government has now released the report of the Business Technical Advisory Panel: LCLB Liquor Panel. The Branch's page includes a PDF copy of the report as well as information releases and the written submissions that were made to the Panel from various industry stakeholders. The report discusses various issues related to the BC liquor industry and makes 24 recommendations. The Panel was chaired by myself and included representatives from the BC Craft Brewers Guild, Canada's National Brewers, Craft Distillers Guild, Alliance of Beverage Licensees, BC Restaurant and Foodservices Association, Restaurants Canada, BC Wine Institute and the Rural Agency Store Advisory Society.

Comeau Decision Released by SCC

The Supreme Court of Canada released its judgment in R. v. Comeau (the interprovincial alcohol transport case) today. The court reversed the trial level decision from New Brunswick which had found that a provincial law restricting the possession of alcohol from outside the province was unconstitutional. The Supreme Court disagreed with the trial judge's approach, finding that the provincial restriction was valid. The full Comeau decision is here

Ruling on Interprovincial Alcohol Case (Comeau) to be Made Thursday

The Supreme Court of Canada has announced that its judgment in the interprovincial alcohol transport case (Comeau) will be delivered this Thursday, April 19th at 945 am Eastern time (645 Pacific). Details here. This ruling deals with the issue of whether or not a province has the legislative power to prevent or restrict alcohol purchases from another province. 

Comeau Case - Appeal to be Heard by SCC

The Supreme Court of Canada will hear an appeal of the decision in R. v. Comeau (the inter-provincial alcohol transport case) on December 6th and 7th. The hearings are scheduled for 930 am (Eastern - 630 am Pacific) on each day. The SCC website contains all of the factums (arguments) that have been filed for the appeal. In addition, the site will host a live webcast of the hearings on each day.

US Files Second WTO Complaint on BC Grocery Model

The United States has filed a second WTO complaint regarding the BC "wine in grocery" retail model which appears to be designed to re-start the clock on negotations. This action is reviewed in this Globe & Mail article: US Takes Canada to WTO Over Wine Retailing.